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Pellet Stove Inserts

Pellet Inserts are designed to turn your existing woodburning fireplace into an efficient source of heat. A pellet insert is easy to use, very efficient and can be thermostatically controlled.

Open fireplaces pull more heated air out of your house than radiant heat they put into your room. A pellet insert eliminates the air loss associated with an open fireplace, and also adds radiant heat and blower assisted hot air heat into your living area. The pellet fuel expels extremely low particulate emissions due to high burn efficiency and density of the pellet fuel.

Our pellet inserts by Harman offer stylish design options and ease of functionality. Come in and talk to one of our representatives to see if a pellet insert is right for you.

Click on the link here to see what you could save by heating your home with a pellet appliance.

Find the right pellet stove insert for you

For specifications, additional information or to schedule an appointment in the store, click on the specific pellet stove below.

Harman pellet stove insert p35i syracuse ny

P35i Insert

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52i TC Pellet Stove Insert Hearth and Home

52i-TC Insert

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