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Ambiance: Hipster 14 TruHybrid EPA Woodstove

Quality is guaranteed with every feature of the Hipster® 14 stove. The innovative TruHybrid® combustion system provides more heat from less wood. This wood burning stove complies with all current EPA requirements and is approved to be sold across the USA and Canada. The Hipster® 14 is one of the few wood burning stoves that qualifies for the US 25-C Tax Credit. It boasts a HHV efficiency of 79% with emissions of only 1.07 grams/hour!
The constant and steady heat from the Hipster® 14 is smoothly delivered without the peaks and valleys felt from a steel stove. This is due to the combination of cast iron and soapstone, both well known for the ability to absorb and slowly radiate heat for hours. In fact, burn times can be as high as 16 hours on a single load of wood! The Hipster® 14 firebox will take up to a 16” log. And, the ceramic glass stays remarkably clean thanks to the air-wash process. The stove is also backed up by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

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