Wood Burning Fireplaces

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There is nothing quite like the warmth that a real wood burning fireplace provides, it can warm both body and spirit. Heating with wood is an ancient tradition, but can still add great appeal and value to even the newest homes. Wood is a renewable resource, and is carbon neutral, making it an environmentally-friendly fuel choice too.

Hearth and Home of CNY offers numerous wood burning options; traditional cast iron stoves, wood burning fireplace inserts with built in blower systems, traditional steel units with large glass windows and many more!

Prefabricated Wood Fireplace

Prefabricated Fireplaces offer the authentic experience of an open wood burning fireplace for a fraction of the cost of a fully masonry built fireplace and chimney.

With choices ranging in size from 36" fireplaces to larger 50" units you will find your dream fireplace at Hearth and Home of CNY. All wood burning fireplace units come with either beautifully crafted firebrick refractory or real firebricks that are mortared into place for the most realistic look available.

Unlike masonary fireplaces, these fireboxes normally do not need special structural support and can be re-deposited into an existing room.

Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces

Unlike traditional open fireplaces, zero clearance wood fireplaces offer the high heat output of wood burning stoves, while maintaining the look of a traditional hearth.

These wood burning fireplaces are all EPA approved, high efficiency heat sources, capable of heating anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand square feet. They also offer many user friendly options like blower systems and ash drawers for easy cleanup.

Our zero clearance fireplaces are not only functional... they are beautiful too! They are available in many designer options, ranging from elegant arched faces to rustic cast iron facades.

Zero clearance fireplaces are primarily used in new construction applications or renovation projects.

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